Between icebergs

A new picture from Ice…

I was on the roof of the main deck of the French Icebreaker L’Astrolabe routing South to Dumond D’Urville base.

I was about 10-12 meter above the sea level and icebergs (the emerging part) were much more higher than 30-50 meters!


2 responses to “Between icebergs

  1. Are you doing this NOW? Or is this a trip you took? Or is this your line of work? If it is your line of work, what is that work? I’m curious. This frozen land is absolutely gorgeous and you are bringing me down-home versions I’ve only seen in documentaries. Fascinating Lazer-one. Also would like to see more watercolor”s by Lazer-one’s wife. 🙂

  2. I am working with laser (real ones not “Star Wars” like) since 1988 and from this fact comes my nickname.
    Amomg other project I developed the laser used since 1990 for atmospheric research (ozone monitoring) in Antarctica.
    Between 1990 and 2000 I was there 4 times: from Italy to Hobart (Tasmania) by plane and then 1 week by ship to reach Dumond D’Urville, the French Base. Then back by ship to Hobart, by plane to Christchurch (NZ) and again by military plane to McMurdo, the American Base and to Baia Terranova, the Italian one.
    I guess tha I experienced something special: no picture or movie is giving back what I saw!

    PS: Lady Lazer_One made a couple of watercolors of our sons but I’ll not post in the web. Soon some other ones shoul be ready.

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