Icebrekers Moskva and Sankt Peterburg

RosMorPort FSUE has taken delivery of the diesel-electric icebreakers Moskva and Sankt Peterburg built by Baltiysky Zavod shipyard. The vessel’s home port is St. Petersburg.

The Moskva icebreaker is the first ship in a new generation of multipurpose icebreakers and is the first icebreaker with a diesel-electric power plant to be built at a Russian shipyard in the last 32 years. During that time, all Russia’s non-nuclear icebreakers were built abroad.  The Moskva-class icebreakers are designed to escort large-capacity tankers, to salvage and rescue ships caught in ice floes, to clean up oil and chemicals spills in open sea, and to fight fires on board ships in the Arctic. The icebreaker was designed by specialists of Baltiysky Zavod with participation of design bureau Baltsudoproekt.

Russia - Icebreaker Moskva

Russia - Icebreaker Sankt Peterburg


5 responses to “Icebrekers Moskva and Sankt Peterburg

  1. nice pictures, there was a documentation on tv, that showed a new russian icebreaker, that can drive forwards and backwards and so saves a lot of energy because it needs less energy by breaking ice backwards.
    but i think nuclear icebreakers will still be the future.

  2. The double-acting icebreaker are used since few years. The main reason is not related to energy saving issues but to a better seakeeping hull.
    By the way Russia is designing a new class of nuclear icebreaker forseen for 2015-

  3. yeah, but they’re ordering them to save money.
    isn’t there the possibility for tourists to get to the Northpole by a nuclear icebreaker?

  4. i think with some of the old soviet vehicles it would easier than with most of the worlds newer ones.

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