MPSV06 – Multi purpose salvage vessel

MPSV06 class vessels are a series of three icebreaking salvage vessels, one of which is being built in Russia and two that have been ordered from the German shipbuilder Nordic Yards Wismar. The first vessel of the class, Spasatel Petr Gruzinskiy, was reportedly laid down at Amur Shipbuilding Plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia, already in 2010 but is not yet operative. The second and third vessels, Beringov Proliv and Murman, were laid down in November 2013 at Nordic Yards and launched in September 2014. Both ships were delivered on December 2015.

The ice class of the vessels, assigned by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, is Icebreaker. They have two large cranes, for salvage, and a landing platform for helicopters. They are capable of operating remotely operated underwater vehicles, and have decompression facilities sufficient to support a team of deep divers.

Multi Purpose Salvage Vessel MPSV06

Multi Purpose Salvage Vessel MPSV06

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