MPSV07 – Multi purpose salvage vessel

MPSV07 class vessels are a series of four icebreaking salvage vessels, which were delivered between 2012 and 2015. The lead vessels of Project MPSV07, Spasatel Karaev, was put into operation on 25 October 2012; the second ship, Spasatel Kavdeikin – on 19 July 2013, the third Ship, Spasatel Zaborshchikov – on 17 December 2013. The fourth ship, Spasatel Demidov, was ordered later separately and therefore was commissioned two years later than the 3rd ship – on 4 December 2015.
Multipurpose salvage vessel with unlimited navigation area of high ice class is intended for search and assistance to vessels in distress; for search, rescue and evacuation of people; for refloat from ground damaged vessels and their towing; fire fighting on vessels, fire fighting of fuel burning on water; oil spills response; performance of deep-water diving operations at the depth up to 300 m; survey of a sea-bottom and damaged objects on depth down to 1000 m
The vessels are 73m long and deadweight at maximum draft is approximately 1,171t. The vessels has a sea endurance of 20 days.

Multi Purpose Salvage Vessel MPSV 07

Multi Purpose Salvage Vessel MPSV 07



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