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Arctic Module Carriers AUDAX & PUGNAX

The Liquefied Natural Gas plant in Sabetta will be constructed of several hundred different modules, which are built at different locations around the world. These modules weigh up to 10,000 tons and will be gathered in a European harbour before shipment to Yamal. It will take about four years to deliver them all to the Arctic area. Due to the harsh conditions found in the area with temperatures down to minus 40 degrees Celsius for part of the year, no ordinary vessel is able to take care of this kind of transportation. Aker Arctic has developed two module carriers, which can operate year-round in delivering the modules to Yamal. These carriers are different from anything designed and constructed earlier. They are typical heavy cargo ships with a wide cargo deck, but designed for exceptional ice circumstances as they need to be able to move in the Gulf of Ob round the year in order to keep the construction of the LNG plant on schedule. The ice class is therefore Polar Class 3.

Arctic Module Carrier Audax & Pugnax