Nuclear IB Sybir – Concept design for Project 10510

Russia is working on the next generation of nuclear icebreaker and there are already some preliminary informations. The current denomination is Project 10510 – Leader class and will take into account operative routes at latitudes higher than current ones. The overall length will be a bit more than 200 meter with a width of 50 meters and will be equipped with two reactors.

Beside the official project for the real ship some University students were asked for a Concept Design of such IB. They were asked to create something feasible but to not limit the imagination (layout, diagrams and technical data have been taken into accout).
The Concept Design of Pavla Tomashevskogo has been published and some pictures are floating in some russian sites: it is definetely an amazing design and therefore I made the SB version.

Russia – Nuclear Icebreaker Sybir – Concept design for Project 10510

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