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Antartica 1° – New Icebreaker for Chilean Navy

The Antártica 1 Project originated in 2011 when it had become evident that the icebreaker Almirante Óscar Viel (AP-46) was at the end of its useful life cycle and a replacement had to be considered. Antártica 1 will be an Ice Class (PC5) icebreaker, whose basic engineering is in the hands of the Canadian company, Vard Marine. It will measure 111 meters long and 21 meters wide, with a draft of seven meters. It will be able to sail at a constant speed of two knots in ice up to one meter thick, covered in 30 centimeters of snow. In normal weather conditions, it will have a maximum speed of 15 knots. Thanks to its hull, it can operate in extremely cold environments – at minus 30 degrees Celsius. It will have a 60-day autonomous range without resupply, a 120-person capacity, and it will be able to operate 250 days a year, unlike the Almirante Óscar Viel (AP-46), which could do so only in the summer months.

CHILE, AGB Antartica 1