Glomar Explorer

GSF Explorer, formerly USNS Hughes Glomar Explorer (T-AG-193), is a deep-sea drillship platform initially built for the United States Central Intelligence Agency Special Activities Division secret operation Project Azorian to recover the sunken Soviet submarine K-129, lost in April 1968.

Hughes Glomar Explorer (HGE), as the ship was called at the time, was built between 1973 and 1974, by Sun Shipbuilding and Drydock Co. Hughes told the media that the ship’s purpose was to extract manganese nodules from the ocean floor.

Glomar Explorer C1

The Hughes Glomar Explorer employed a large mechanical claw, which Lockheed officially titled the “Capture Vehicle” but affectionately called Clementine. The capture vehicle was designed to be lowered to the ocean floor, grasp around the targeted submarine section, and then lift that section into the ship’s hold.

Glomar Explorer O


SS Rex

“Here she is… Here she is! Papa, Papa! The Rex, the Rex!” The central scene of Amarcord, Fellini’s Oscar-winning film, opens with this phrase.
“Eccola… eccola! Papà, papà! Il Rex, il Rex!” La scena centrale di Amarcord, il film di Fellini premiato con l’Oscar, si apre con quest’esclamazione.

SS REX - Movie Amarcord

SS REX – Movie Amarcord

On the 1st August, 1931, the new giant of the Italian merchant marine was launched in Genoa: the Rex was the first transatlantic liner to feature those innovations which would make her a genuine cruise ship: de luxe cabins with private verandahs, air conditioning, huge sports decks and lidos with two permanent open air swimming pools, a spa, a drive-in garage with direct access from the quayside…

Il 1 Agosto1933 viene varato a Genova il nuovo gigante della flotta mercantile italiana: il REX è stato il primo transatlantico con tutte quelle innovazioni che in seguito avrebbero contraddistinto le navi da crociera: cabine lussuose con verande private, aria condizionata, ampi ponti per le attività sportive e balneari, due piscine aperte, un centro benessere, garage con accesso diretto dalla banchina,…

August 16th, 1933 REX arrives in New York at the end of a record passage from Gibraltar at an average speed of 28.92 knots, thus seizing the Blue Riband of the Atlantic: she hoist a long blue pennant to mark herself as the  holder of this celebrated record.

Il 16 Agosto 1933 il REX arriva a New York alla fine di una traversata record  da Gibilterra  effettuata  alla velocità media  di 28.92 nodi, cogliendo il Nastro Azzurro Atlantico: come detentore del record innalzerà, come segno distintivo, una lunga fiamma azzurra al pennone dell’albero maestro.

Italian Ocean Liner SS Rex

Italian Ocean Liner SS Rex


Arktika – Russian project 222200

On May 27, 2014 the Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom” has signed a contract with Baltiysky Zavod JSC (shipyard based in St Petersburg) to build two extra Project 22220 nuclear powered icebreakers. The value of the contract amounts to 84.4 billion rubles. Under the terms of the contract the vessels are to be delivered in December 2019 and December 2020 respectively. Baltiysky Zavod JSC has already been awared a contract in 2012 for the construction of the first ship of the class which will be named “Arktika” (Arctic). The vessel was laid down in late 2013 and will be launched in water during 2015.
Project 22220 Nuclear-powered Icebrakers are set to become the largest and most powerful icebreakers in the world. The length will be 173.3 meters with a width of 34 meters and draft of 10.5 meters. Projected tonnage is 33,540 tons. It will be fitted with two RITM-200 pressurized water reactors for a capacity of 175 MW.

NIB Arktica Project 22220

Aeroporto inusuale – Unusual airport

Ecco alcune immagini fatte a Cap Prudhomme, sul ghiacciaio dell’Astrolabe in Antartide. – Some picture taken at Cap Prudhomme, on the Astrolabe Glacier – Antarctica.

Rifornimento del Twin Otter prima del decollo per la Base Italiana Mario Zucchelli. – Refueling of the Twin Otter before to leave for the Italian Base Mario Zucchelli.DDU 1 640 DDU 2 640

Sorvolando la catena Transantartica – Flying over the Transantarctic mountains. ice 1 640 Ice 2 640

… ed sopra il pack del mare di Ross – …and over the Ross sea pack.Pack 640

Ali Ghiacciate – Iced Wings

Ho inserito una nuova sezione di disegni dedicata agli aeromobili usati in Antartide.

I added a new section for drawings of planes and helicopters used in Antarctica.

Lockheed LC130 - Us Navy VXE6

Lockheed LC130 – Us Navy VXE6

Record New York – San Francisco

Giovanni Soldini e l’equipaggio di Maserati hanno tagliato la linea di arrivo della New York-San Francisco alle h 18:31 GMT (le 19:31 in Italia, le 10:31 locali) stabilendo il nuovo record della New York-San Francisco.

Soldini Ridotta

Giovanni Soldini and Maserati’s crew crossed the Golden Gate at 18:31 GMT (10:31 local time) establishing the new world record of the route New York – San Francisco.


Buon MMXIII ! – Happy MMXIII !

Happy Pirate MMXIII