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Solstice at 75°S

I just received this picture from Dome C showing the solstice on December 21st, 2009.

(Dome C – Temp=-30.6°C WindChill=-44°C RH=71% P=644.3hPa Wind=5.5m/s W)


Camels in the ice

All my picture about Antarctica (more than 1000) are “old” color slides and so I asked for some digital ones to a friend who was “in Ice” last year.

Here are the Ice Camels of Concordia Base (normaly called Dome C) located at an altitude of 3,233 m above sea level on the Antarctic Plateau ( 75°06′ S – 123°21’E). It is a base jointly operated bu Italy and France located inland 1,100 km inland from the French research station at Dumond D’Urville and 1,200 km inland from the Italian Zucchelli station at Baia Terranova. The Russian base Vostock is 560 km away while Casey Station (Australia) is 1100 km away.