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The Varandey project

The last added profile are arctic shuttle tankers Vasily Dinkov, Kapitan Gotsky and Timofey Guzhenko offloaded at  the Varandey  Fixed Offshore Ice-Resistance Offloading Terminal (FOIROT). 

This facility, which has no equal competitors in the world, is situated in the sea – 23 km from the coastline of the Varandey oil settlement. Fixed Offshore Ice-resistant Offloading Terminal (FOIROT)  was designed to provide for no-contact mooring of tankers of up to 70 000 dwt and loading of exported oil, pumped through the oil pipeline from the shore installations built near the Varandey settlement. FOIROT is a unique offshore facility comprising ice-resistant base structure designed for operation in very low temperatures up to – 40°C and heavy pressure of ice up to 1.70 m thick, and in extreme wind and wave conditions. The terminal’s capacity is 12 million tonnes per year . Oil can be trans-shipped throughout the year.

Arctic Tanker Timofey Guzhenko at Varandey FOIROT

The Arctic Tanker Timofey Guzhenko at Varandey FOIROT

The Vasily Dinkov, along with its sister tankers (the ‘Kapitan Gotsky’ and ‘Timofey Guzhenko’), have an ice-enhanced hull structure, designed in accordance with LU6 (1A Super) ice-class, under the classification of the Russian Register of Shipping. They will be able to operate in temperatures of minus 40°C, breaking ice of up to 1.5mtr thick without an icebreaker escort. The ships are also equipped with two Azipod propulsion units, with a total power output equivalent to 20mW. They all have a dynamic positioning system for use in ice.