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Sevmorput (Севморпуть) – Russian nuclear-powered cargo ship

Sevmorput (Севморпуть) is a Russian nuclear-powered cargo ship with ice breaing capabilities, one of only four nuclear-powered cargo ships ever built, and the only one still operating under nuclear power, with the others having been retired or been converted to diesel propulsion. The Sevmorput, as a type of cargo ship, is classified as a Lighter Aboard Ship, transporting  lighters and ISO standard containers in specially provided cells and on the main deck. It was constructed in  kerch, Ukraine at the Zaliv shipbuilding plant. The ship was completed in 1988.

The name of the vessel, Sevmorput, is a Russian abbreviation of Severny Morskoy Put (Северный Морской Путь), i.e. the Northern Sea Route.

Nuclear LASH Sevmorput