Icebreakers – Rompighiaccio

Icebreaker, Rompighiaggio, Eisbrecher, Brise-glace, Rompehielos, Quebragelo, Isbtytaren, Jäänmurtaja, Isbryder, Is-breaker, Ijsbreker, łamacz lodów, ledokol,  ледокол,  криголам,ledlaužis, jäälõhkuja,  破冰船, 砕氷船, παγοθραύστης, …

20 responses to “Icebreakers – Rompighiaccio

  1. wow! what a treasure to find! so exciting, a ship in profile, yes? grazie mille!!

  2. I like draw ship but, unfortunately, I don’t have your fantastic hand!


  3. Hi
    I would like to use your drawing of the Australian Supply Vessel – Aurora Australis for a kids activity we are running in the school holidays. Is the image copyright or is it ok to use for educational purposes?

    • Hi,
      I did the drawing without concerning about copyriht.
      I would be happy and proud if you will use it, expecially for kids.
      I would only ask you to keep my name on it.


      PS: I’ll write you a mail for further contacts

  4. Hi, My name is Bruce McLaren and I teach Design and Technology in Australia school in Dubbo NSW 2830. I’m interested in building a 1:50 scale radio controlled model of the Finland Ice-breaker nordica for my Year 10 students to demonstrate my skills in Moedl skip building. Any chances of getting a Lines plans of the hull and decks and super-structure. Any help would be greatfull thank you for your time.

  5. Your the best mate. I’ll try and send you updates of whats happening with the model. I hope your drawings are what I’m after.
    Thank you again.

  6. Hi there, I am looking to build a Tor Viking model in 1:20.
    Would you happen to have any more 2d Vies of the ship ??

  7. hi

    i’m looking for a LNG ship the provalys or his sistership gazelys if you have some information


  8. I am sorry: I haven’t infos.
    BTW this LNG looks very fine… maybe I’ll draw.

  9. Looking for a source of ships plans/measurements of the SS Manhattan, depicted here. Wondering, upon seeing your beautiful drawings, whether you might suggest a source.

    I am seeking to scratchbuild this ship in 1:700 or 1:350 scale as a gift for my stepfather, who served on her during her Northwest Passage cruise.

  10. The drawing has been made starting from some sketches and using pictures from the web.
    The drawing scale is 2 pixel/foot

    Do you have some pictures of Nord-west passage?


  11. Will Japanese icebreaker Odomari eventually be added?

  12. Keith T. Bender

    Hello, My name is Keith T. Bender. I live in Delaware, USA. I been building models as a profession for 30 years. I have built the icebreakers USCGC Eastwind, Polar Sea and Burton Is. I see you have the two Polar class on your drawing site here.
    One subject I would really like to build in the Russian icebreaker Yamal or 50 Let Pobedy. Would you have drawings of either of these two ships to build a model from, lines decks profile and any other plan to help me with this project.
    Do I have your permission to use your color profile on this site for my personal use and not to copy please.

    Thank you for your time,

    • Thank you for your post.
      You could use my drawings… It’s very kind and fair to ask for them.
      I’ll send by mail what I have about 50 Let Pobedy.

  13. Keith T. Bender

    Hi Antonio, Thank you for your reply to the icebreaker plans. I look forward to seeing the plans. It is very much appreciated and if I can help you in any way with models please ask,


  14. Hi, my name is Johan, I am from Finland. I would like to make a model of KM Castor (later Peresvet), but I can not find drawings. Do you have any drawings? I especially search for a view from above. I also wonder what happened to her in Russia, why is she now looking like this ? Ran aground, storm or just left to rust for no reason…

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