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Training ship Palinuro

A classic barquentine built in 1934 in Nantes,France, by  the shipyard Chantiers Dubigeon she was originally named “Commandant Louis Richard” and was fitted for cod fishing in Newfoundland.

Acquired by Italian Navy after ww2 in 1951, she was completely restored and adpted to be a training ship. Rebuilding took place in the Maritime Arsenal in La Spezia: the former storage space for fish becomes accomodation for cadets and the bow has been was enriched by the dummy Palinuro (Palinuro in Roman mythology was the helmsman of the ship which drove Aenea from Troy). After rebuilding the ship came into service July 16, 1955 and since then she is used for training naval cadets.

Palinuro - Italian Navy Training-ship

Training Ship Palinuro (A 5311)


IBRV Araon

The RV Araon is a 6,950-ton icebreaker operated by the Government of South Korea, designed for operation in one-meter-thick-multiple-year ice condition (KR PL-10) with 3 knot speed per hour and will be equipped with twin Azimuth propulsion units driven by diesel-electric propulsion plant. She will accommodate up to 85 persons, including 25 crew members. The name is derived from Korean words “Ara” for Sea and “On” for All and represents a project to cruise around the world. She supplies the King Sejong Station  and will supply a South Korea’s second planned antartcic research station. She underwent her  sea trials in January 2010, in the Ross Sea.  Her first foreign port of call was Lyttelton, New Zealand, as shown in the picture (courtesy of Wayne A’Court – NZ)

South Korea - IBRV Araon